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I thought she would eventually get thirsty enough and succumb to the platter, but she circles around it and refuses, so I gave in and poured it on the floor where she lapped it up one glass after another. Should I just accept that she is old and continue with what I’ve been doing?

-Karen Dear Karen, When I first read this I found it mildly amusing.

The bottom line is this: remember the dog cancer statistics.

According to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, 1 in 3 dogs will contract cancer in their lifetime, and this number increases to 1 in 2 if the dog is more than 10 years of age. For more information on dog lumps, how they are diagnosed, and their complete treatment options, check out The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

Our vet said it was not uncommon for elderly dogs to do this.

Find out more about these risks, and questions to ask your veterinarian before your pet goes into surgery, here. Lynne Kushner, a private practice veterinary anesthesiologist and professor, the degree of sedation or anesthesia your pet will require depends on the procedure or stimulus they need.

For most behaviours you’d have to form a behavior modification plan as well but if we could calm her mind, I should think that the pleasure of eating and drinking would be enough positive reinforcement.

John Wade – Note: Much to my surprise, based on the comments and private emails I receive this problem is more common then I would ever thought. I need to see some video of dogs refusing to eat and owners attempts to encourage them. If the file is to large send to my email by uploading to

Or it could be that there has not been a marketing push like there is for parvo vaccination or for heartworm disease.

Since we have access to preventatives in these cases, pharmaceutical companies make a point to help spread the word about these diseases. Why not protect a dog from a problem when it is prudent to do so?

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