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Although much of her poetry has been destroyed by religious fundamentalists, the few poems of Sappho that remain speak clearly to her love and infatuation with women.Her writings is very erotic, something uncommon, especially for women of that era.

The word lesbian means a female homosexual or woman who is primarily attracted to other women. Answer: The word lesbian literally means resident of the Isle of Lesbos, the Greek Island.

Yet, despite this controversy, Sappho was respected as a writer. In the study of lesbian history, we often start with Sappho, because she is the first lesbian that we have documentation that existed.

Of course, there have always been women-loving women in all cultures and times.

And it's clear from her writings that she loved men and women.

She wrote very frankly about her love and attraction to women.

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Most surviving sources from the classical period come from Athens, and they are without exception written by men.

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