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Hiraizumi's most famous attraction, Chusonji (, Chūsonji) was established in 850 as a temple of the Tendai sect of Buddhism.

Life as a foreigner in Japan can be hard sometimes. You are “the alien” that will never be accepted as a part of Japan.

Most likely you’re seen as a “temporary visitor” who will eventually leave again. Some manage better than others, but it is – and always will be – a problem foreigners in Japan have to face!

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It is possible to obtain Japanese citizenship as a foreigner. If you’re interested, you can read more about it here.

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But what about people who were born in Japan by parents with no “Japanese blood”? According to the Japanese law you receive citizenship not by location of birth () that is running through your veins. I suppose that the majority of my readers come from countries where you receive citizenship by “location of birth”.

Thus, foreigners born in Japan are not Japanese citizens. If both of your parents are foreign, you are not a citizen of Japan, even if you were born there.

While not nearly as impressive as the gilded Konjikido, it nonetheless even predates that building by 16 years.

Chusonji has a number of interesting buildings apart from those dating back to the Fujiwara period.

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One of the biggest is that you have to abandon your other citizenship.

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