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This effectively controls the momentum of the weight stack but severely limits the ability to increase the speed of muscle contractions – and remember, speed is critical to power.

Training with equipment that uses pneumatic (air), hydraulic (fluid) or magnetic resistance allows you to increase both the strength and the speed of contractions.

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When you stand up slowly you remove the speed component, so you must rely on muscle strength alone.

It’s very common to see someone who has lost leg muscle power to struggle to rise from a chair, using their arms for extra help.

Unless you have a highly physical lifestyle – one that regularly challenges both strength and power you absolutely must train both to retain lifelong vitality. Could you easily increase your speed of walking if you were in the middle of a crosswalk and the light started to change?

Or quickly change directions if something suddenly appeared in your path?

The standard approach to training with weight stacks requires you to use 3 seconds for each lift.

You can train both strength and power, but it requires a slightly different approach than you may be used to.

The most common type of resistance training is with iron weight stack equipment where you train with a resistance that you can lift about 8–10 times in good form.

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