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Most landlords are honest people, but sometimes you can end up in very unpleasant situations (I found mice in the house the day of the move, and had to call a lawyer because the landlord would not give me back the money for the deposit. Always ask how much is the agency fee before signing up. You can read this interesting article on how agencies try to “scam” you on commissions.If you decide to try your luck in the super expensive London, another very good option you can consider for the first few weeks (until you find a suitable place to rent, find a job and sort out all the other documents) is the “short rental” option.Make sure you are well prepared when you receive a call back from the recruiter.Believe me, who is calling will remember exactly if you sounded insecure or if you asked them to repeat the same sentence 5 times (it happened to me, and it is no good).

I was 31 years old when Burberry London hired me, and they didn’t ask for my age once.There is actually a law stating that asking for your age is considered an act of discrimination, so you don’t even have to put it on your CV.Sounds stupid, but answering the phone is more difficult than having a conversation in person (for those who still struggle with English).At times, choose to live in less popular areas is the key to success.Competition for jobs is lower, and the opportunity to interact with native speakers is much higher. My English improved quickly and I made friends with locals pretty easily. The site Gumtree is my Bible: I’ve found everything, from accommodation, to a temporary job as a receptionist and even a second-hand computer for 30£.

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Do you want to move to the UK, but you don’t know how, and you need some advice from those who have already been there?

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