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The collection starts in prehistoric times, back when nomadic hunters were becoming farmers.

This bronze plaque featuring Gilgamesh dates from about 1000 B.

We're here in Iran with the permission of the Iranian government.His job: keep us safe, manage the complicated permissions, and keep an eye on what we're shooting. But after surviving my first day: I realized they were experts at keeping things moving. To cross town quickly, motorcycle taxis are a blessing. I'd rather leave a little paint on passing buses than a piece of scalp. Negotiating traffic as you cross the street is a life skill here.Tehran, a youthful, noisy capital city, is the modern heart of this country. With a teeming population of about ten million, its apartment blocks stretch far into the surrounding mountains. Many major streets actually intersect without the help of traffic lights. Locals say it's like "going to Chechnya." Immersed in the commotion of a busy work day — apart from the chador-covered women and lack of Western fast food chains — Tehran seemed much like any city in the developing world.Rather than deal with the complex political issues that confront our governments, "Rick Steves' Iran" is a travelogue designed to introduce Americans to some of the faces and places of this proud nation of 70 million people. And during a time of tension between the US and Iran, Rick believes that, while there are no easy solutions to the problems facing our two countries, surely getting to know more about this culture is a step in the right direction. He did not receive funds from the Iranian or US governments.Rick Steves' Iran: Yesterday and Today [25 words] As he's done with previous programs on Israel, Egypt, and Eastern Turkey, Rick takes us beyond Europe to a place that's rich with history..mystery.

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